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Tim Cook donates nearly $ 5 million in Apple shares to charity

According to a report sent yesterday (8/21) to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Tim Cook donated 23,215 Apple shares to at least one undisclosed charity, as disclosed by Business Insider.

As none of the shares were sold, the report does not inform the amount transferred, however, considering that the closing price of the shares of Ma yesterday was US $ 215.04, the shares donated are equivalent to $ 4,992,154. Currently, the Apple CEO holds 875,425 Apple papers equivalent to $ 188,251,392.

Although the fate of the donation is unknown, leaders of large corporations are obliged to disclose the movement of the shares they hold, but they are not required to publicly report the institution or the beneficiary, we know that it is not the first time that Cook performs such an act of charity. In 2015, the company's CEO donated the equivalent of $ 6.5 million in Apple shares to an unspecified organization that may be the same as the most recent donation, perhaps.

Also in 2015, during an interview for the FortuneCook said that he plans to donate his entire fortune and that he has donated money to other institutions in previous years. According to the CEO, his approach to systematic philanthropy.

via AppleInsider