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Tim Cook and other CEOs say U.S. immigration policy hinders their business

No news for anyone that the Apple CEO, Tim Cook, publicly defends a simpler immigration policy in the United States, taking a stand against laws proposed by the administration of Trump. And he is not alone in this, in reality, dozens of CEOs of large US companies also question the constant changes in American legislation regarding immigrants.

This dissatisfaction was the reason for the creation of a letter sent to the US Department of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, as disclosed by Fortune. The letter was signed by 60 CEOs including Cook from Business Roundtable companies (group of executive directors of major US corporations, formed to promote pre-business public policies).

In the statement, executive directors expressed how changes in immigration policy cause ?anxiety? in thousands of employees, culminating in problems in the operations of companies. In addition, they stated that many employees are "stuck" in a process of legalizing the immigrant situation that lasts more than a decade, forcing them to renew their temporary work visas continuously.

On behalf of the CEO members of the Business Roundtable, we wrote to express our serious concern about the changes in immigration policy that are causing considerable anxiety in thousands of our employees, in the meantime threatening to disrupt company operations.

Throughout the letter, the difficulties that some people face when taking the Green Card, including unsubstantiated cancellations and delays for which the US Congress was found guilty. Meanwhile, the executives agreed that the country's immigration policies are inconsistent, unfair and discourage talented and highly qualified individuals from seeking career opportunities in the United States.

In addition to Cook, the letter was signed by the executive directors of companies as Verizon, ATT, Salesforce, Cisco Systems, among others. The CEOs of other tech giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft are not members of the Business Roundtable and are therefore not signatories to the letter.

As we said, the Apple CEO is adamant when it comes to the withdrawal of immigrant rights. Last September after the government revoked the DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or Deferred for Arrival of Children), Cook sent a letter to company employees showing his deep dismay at the situation.

via 9to5Mac