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Spoiler moment: Bloomberg picks up rumors about new iPhones

If you think rumors completely spoil the pleasure of Apple releases, stop here. But if your curiosity is big and you don't care about these things, the article below is a full plate about the new iPhones.

THE Bloomberg recently published an overview of what we already know and what they think, based on reliable sources, which we will see in a few weeks in a special event iPhones 2018. Most, yes, more of the same.

According to them, we will actually have three new devices being announced: a successor to the iPhone X ("IPhone Xs", who knows), with 5.8 ? OLED screen, known internally as D32; a larger model of it (which may no longer use the ?Plus? nomenclature, but another) with a 6.5 ? OLED screen, with internal code D33; and a third model a little more affordable, with a 6.1 ? LCD screen, code N84. The latter would be sold in a variety of colors and would have aluminum sides, instead of stainless steel still a product premium, but not so much. We have also seen, from other leaks, that it should only have a rear camera.

For the successor of the iPhone X, we can expect a faster chip (A12) and improved cameras (no details about them). All of them will follow the same design base, with the interface entirely controlled by gestures and authentication via Face ID. THE Bloomberg unfortunately he did not mention anything about a second generation of the system, perhaps with improved security, better performance and working even with the phone lying down.

As we followed in recent rumors, the guys also raise the possibility that models with OLED displays are sold in versions dual-SIM at least in some specific markets. The locations themselves were not mentioned, not even the question as to how this would work if it would in fact be a double tray for two physical chips, or if one of them would be an eSIM integrated into the logic board.

In addition to the new iPhones, Bloomberg, we can still wait for this year the late AirPower charger, new Apple Watches, new iPad Pro and maybe even the second generation of AirPods.