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Rumors: new MacBooks, iPhones, AirPower and… no iPad mini!

The date of the next Apple special event is coming, and with that, the moods are also rising for the long-awaited announcement of so much speculated new products from Apple. To add more fuel to the fire, the (polemic) DigiTimes shared some new information on what we should expect for the next month beyond those we are already bald to know.

According to the Taiwanese website, Apple should launch its new series of MacBooks input with some updates, including the processor "Kaby Lake" from Intel, introduced last year. According to industry sources, the entry model may cost $ 1,200, price slightly higher than expected ?MacBook Air with Retina display? (which would also feature Intel's sub-generation of processors), but it would be even cheaper than the current version, costing less than $ 1,000.

Apparently, Apple originally wanted to launch the cheapest 13-inch MacBook earlier this year, but problems with the production of Intel's 10nm chip disrupted Ma's schemes. Apparently, the company then revised the product design to adopt the family's 14nm chips "Kaby Lake", given the continuous delays in the production of the component.

These rumors may also indicate that this entry model is the MacBook Air itself that we heard about last month. However, if it is actually launched at $ 1,200, that leaves a question in the air about how Apple will handle the demand for cheaper devices. Whether the current version of the MacBook Air will continue to sell for another year or this market will become the responsibility of iPads Pro? We'll see.

Speaking of iPads, the DigiTimes recalled a report by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that Apple should reveal new iPad Pro 12.9 ? and 11 ?, both equipped with Face ID and a screen occupying the entire front. In addition, the new iPads may come with the long-awaited 18W power adapter, designed with a USB-C interface for a faster charging experience.

Unfortunately for fans of the iPad mini line, the Taiwanese website did not bring good news. According to them, Apple (so far) has no plans for an update or even a new release of the iPad mini. Still, it is speculated that Ma will continue to sell the latest version of the device, the iPad mini 4, alongside the sixth generation iPad and the new iPad Pro models.

In the report, they also stated that Apple will announce at the event of the next month the launch schedule of its primal wireless charger. The value estimated by them for the AirPower meets that speculated by the Chinese website Chongdiantou at the beginning of this week, but with a slightly larger margin of difference (which can cost between $ 160 and $ 190).

Finally, but not least, are the next iPhones and, here, the DigiTimes did not tell any news. As we have commented dozens of times, Apple should launch three new models of the gadget, one with a 5.8 ? OLED screen (supposedly the successor to the iPhone X), one with a 6.5 ? OLED screen (the ?iPhone X Plus? ) and another intermediate model, with 6.1 ? LCD screen, which, it seems, should be the most accessible and conventional device in the line.

Among other rumors circulating the new series of iPhones, it is possible that the models with OLED display are available in three storage options: 64GB, 256GB and 512GB. In addition, they will be able to count on support for Apple Pencil, something unique for iPhones. Regarding the intermediate model, some rumors suggest that it may come in five colors and that it may take longer than your brothers to reach stores due to difficulties in its manufacture.

via MacRumors