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Rumor: new iPhones will feature faster wireless charging

Wireless charging. It is a theme that arouses love and hate. Love, because something very simple (after all, just place the device on a surface for it to start recharging); I hate it because it is often more disturbing than help (either due to the delay in charging or the fact that you cannot use the device while it is charging). If it depends on Apple, however, at least one of these things will improve in the line of iPhones to be launched this year.

According to a matter China Times, the wireless charging coil of future devices will be made from copper wires instead of FPC, thus allowing faster and more efficient wireless charging.

IPhone X-rayX-ray of the iPhone X that allows us to see the coil for wireless recharging of the device | Credit: iFixit

Thinner FPC coils would leave the scene (with greater resistance) and thicker copper wire (with less resistance) would enter. This reduced resistance would allow Apple to increase the power limit that iPhones can safely control via wireless charging (without overheating, good to emphasize), which could result in faster and more efficient charging through properly certified Qi accessories. Obviously, this would only be possible with accessories which provide the power required by iPhones.

Currently, iPhones 8, 8 Plus and X can be charged in Qi accessories at a power of up to 7.5W that, roughly speaking, something ?similar? to the official iPhones charger (5W) offers. How much that number would rise, no one knows at least until next month, when Apple is expected to introduce its new smartphone family to the world.

Who knows, maybe Apple will take advantage of the topic to talk a little about AirPower and explain the reason why it takes so long for the accessory to reach the market

iPhone X

iPhone X

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