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Rumor: new iMacs and mini Macs will support up to 32GB and 16GB of RAM respectively [atualizado]

Mark Gurman, from 9to5Mac, claims to have information about the RAMs of the new iMacs and Macs mini, which are expected to be released by Apple very soon.

According to him, Ma offers the option of consumers to customize their machines with twice as much RAM as possible today. Taking the current iMac as an example, the machine has four slots of memory, being possible to configure each one with 4GB, totaling 16GB. But the future desktop may come with an intermediate option of 16GB (2 x 8GB), which makes us imagine that it supports up to 32GB of RAM (4 x 8GB).

Mac mini open, underneath

Today, the Mac mini supports two slots with 4GB in each. The new, however, support 8GB in each, totaling 16GB of RAM, opening even more doors for the mini to be used as a server.

It is worth mentioning that some users have already installed 32GB of RAM on iMacs and 16GB on mini Macs, but, ?officially?, Apple says that the memory support on these 16GB and 8GB machines respectively.


Gurman also said that iMacs and Macs mini have everything to stay at the same prices, but that top-of-the-line models of iMacs may still have a slight reduction depending on the country, of course. Today, the American price range: $ 600, $ 800 and $ 1,000 (Macs mini) and $ 1,200, $ 1,500, $ 1,700 and $ 2,000 (iMacs).

Because of this, Gurman speculates that this time the iMacs will not get Retina screens. If we take into account that the 15-inch MacBook Pro with high resolution display was more expensive than the ?normal version?, it is hard to believe that iMacs Retina would arrive at the same cost as before.

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