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Romotive launches “version 2.0” of Romo, a personal robot that works with iPhones and iPods touch

Robs are often portrayed in fictional films living naturally with humans. And, if it depends on the incredible advances in technology, that future may not be that far away.


O Romo a personal robot with personality created to interact with humans and the environment where they are. By connecting your iPhone or iPod touch to the bug, you can control it remotely through other devices, such as computers and smartphones.

Based on its previous version, which we talked about last year, Romo 2.0 is renewed, from logic board to software. One of the most interesting new functions is the possibility to adjust the inclination of the device that is on top of the robot.

But that's not all. The new Romo capable of detecting faces, interacting with people, moving autonomously and recognizing objects. In addition, an SDK (Software Development Kit, or software development kit) is available for developers to create their own applications compatible with it.

Check out the promotional video for Robzinho:

You can purchase a Romo by investing at least US $ 150 (plus possible shipping and import costs) on the project page on Kickstarter with 23 days to go before the fundraiser ends, it has already raised over US $ 100,000 (goal to become reality) ).

(via Engadget)