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Research indicates why users switch from Android to iOS (and vice versa)

While the iOS it's the Android are the two largest mobile operating systems in the world and there is no prospect of that changing, comparisons and research between them will continue. This time, according to a study released by PCMag (made with 2,500 American consumers), users switch between platforms according to the best price of devices, while others go in search of the device with the best experience in general.

PCMag Research

According to the research result, 18% of respondents migrated from Android to iOS against 11% who went in the opposite direction. Over half of the participants (54%) own an iPhone, while approximately 27% own a Samsung device and the rest, devices from other brands that use the Android system.

Among the reasons that led former Android customers to migrate to iOS, 47% replied that they opted for the iPhone to have a better experience of use that same reason also led 30% of the interviewees to abandon iOS for Android. The second biggest advantage of Android over iOS was the cost: 29% of Android users cited the lowest prices of devices that go with this system against 11% who said they switched to iOS due to the economy.

The two systems in question narrowly did not tie for the criterion ?best resources? (camera, software interface, etc.). In this regard, iOS took the best and got 25% of the opinion of consumers, against 24% of Android. Still, the operating system itself was not the main reason that led the change between iOS and Android by participants (only 19% said they migrated for that reason). As we said, the main criterion was the price (33%) followed by the brand (26%) although, in the Apple world, the brand and the operating system are practically synonymous.

While the major smartphone manufacturers invest in new technologies to make their devices even more robust and make the most of operating systems, they also use other methods (read: advertising) to attract users. Last February, Apple launched more commercials from the series The easier life on the iPhone, in which it highlighted apps to migrate from Android to iOS, worldwide support and, of course, frequent updates to its system.

I hope that a new research, similar to this one, will be made when Apple launches its new line of iPhones, in the next month, which should consist of a model with 6.5 ? OLED display, one with 6.1 LCD display. ? And another (possible successor to iPhone X) with 5.8 ? OLED screen. If the intermediate model is really more accessible, it is likely that many people who migrated to Android for the cost of devices will return to the iPhone or not.

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