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Reference to a new iPhone is found in Xcode 10

New iPhones will be released soon and anyone who follows the Apple world in the slightest knows that. But the new discovery of the Brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo curious for some reasons. And I explain.

Rambo found a reference to a ?IPhone xx? in Xcode 10. No, nobody believes that the name of the product is ?iPhone xx? or something like that is clearly just a placeholder, that is, any designation that Apple put there to replace later with the official name of the product.

We know that the company will launch three new devices (at least): one of 5.8 ? (successor to the iPhone X), one of 6.1 ? (with LCD screen and more affordable) and one of 6.5 ? ( which we are calling ?iPhone X Plus?, for now). But apparently, this product leaked in Xcode 10 shouldn't be any of those.

Apple A10 processor, P3 screen, same subtype as iPhone 7. This matches the appearance of a new generation iPhone SE with internal iPhone 7 components.

According to Rambo, this new iPhone is associated with the A10 chip, currently used in iPhones 7/7 Plus. And while this new 6.1 ? iPhone is not a top-of-the-line model, it?s unlikely that it would use an A10 processor (after all, it should have features that require good processing power, such as Face ID) . Therefore, it is possible that this device referred to in Xcode is also the long-awaited ?iPhone SE 2? (fictitious name for a new generation of iPhone SE) or even a ?new? iPhone 7 that would be re-launched with the 2018 models, the in order to occupy the space occupied today by the iPhone 6s.

T500 / iPhone9,7 – replacement for iPhone 7 (?iPhone SE2?) N84 / iPhone11,1 – 6.1 ? LCD (notch, Face ID, option dual-YES) D3x / iPhone11.3 – 5.8 ? OLED (notch, Face ID) D3x / iPhone11.5 – 6.5 ? OLED (notch, Face ID)

What will be Apple's strategy for this year? We will know soon, after all, everything suggests that the presentation event of the new iPhones will happen in a few weeks.

via 9to5Mac