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Raspberry Pi 4 Rev 1.2 has USB-C issue fixed

Source: gadget-freakzSource: gadget-freakz

Considerably more powerful than its previous generations, the Raspberry Pi 4 has a large capacity for a mere $ 35. However, when it was launched, there was an error in the project to implement its USB-C port. According to The Register, this problem was solved in newly produced boards.

The USB-C port issue affected the power supply to the Raspberry Pi 4

The problem with the USB-C port on the Raspberry Pi 4, used to receive power, was related to the high-speed cables, known as "e-marked". Cables of this type have an internal chip in their connectors that performs power management, access modes, data rates, among other features. This type of cable is normally used in smartphones and notebooks, but when connected to the Raspberry Pi 4, the internal chip identifies that the mini-PC is an audio accessory and disables the power supply.

In short, if you have a USB 3.1 or 10Gbps cable, it will probably be an "e-marked" cable and therefore will not work on the first versions of the Raspberry Pi 4. But if you have the Rev. 1.2 card, this will no longer be problem. However, there is no way to know the exact model you are buying, as the websites that sell the computer do not inform you.

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