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Pulse discloses TWS technology headphones

Pulse headphones feature True Wireless Stereo technology, with an independent connection for each headset

THE Pulse announces that it is bringing to the Brazilian market two new models of headphones with compact design in its portfolio that bring the technology True Wireless Stereo (TWS): the TOUCH PH – 320 it's the EXPERT PH -297.

The technology TWS allows each side of the headset to connect independently with the device that emits the audio signal, such as the cell phone. With this, you can use only one side – to talk on the phone, for example – or both sides – to listen to music, movies and games.

?We are always following the best trends and the most modern technology. Therefore, we have developed a product with anatomical design, comfortable, combined with power and practicality with TWS technology ?

Danilo Angi, Pulse product manager

Pulse headphones have high durability

Both models of Pulse headphones have cases that significantly extend battery life (Photo: Disclosure)Both models of Pulse headphones have cases that significantly extend battery life (Photo: Divulgao)

The model TOUCH – PH320 , according to Pulse, the most modern, being versatile and can be used for both work and leisure, including when it comes to sports. There is a touch button to facilitate navigation through applications while you are doing physical activities, and it also features Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

The autonomy of 5 hours of continuous use and a case with four charges, totaling 25 hours of combined use. The product also has LED indicators around the touch button that indicate the connection or charging status.

J the model EXPERT – PH297 developed for executives and professionals who use the product to work and prefer to have their hands free. In this case, Bluetooth is 4.2 and the battery lasts for two and a half hours. The charger case has a capacity for six charges, totaling 15 hours of combined use.

The suggested price for the TWS PH320 R $ 349.00, while the PH297 fica for R $ 349.90.

?Pulse was born out of a passion for technology linked to vibrant moments. Focused on product quality, it combines innovative design with our vibrant colors chosen according to the trends we have identified. Created in 2015, the brand has more than 50 products in its portfolio and is always aware of new technologies ?

says the press release

And you? Do you want to buy a headset with TWS technology? Do you have any headphone recommendations? Leave your opinion in the comments!