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Pre-sale of the new iPhones should start on September 14

When will the launch event of the new iPhones be? When will they arrive at the stores? And when to start pre-sales? Are questions that every user early-adopter wonder. Well now we have one more indication of when Ma's 2018 smartphone line lands in Apple Stores around the world (in the countries that are part of the first wave of launches, of course).

The German website Macerkopf informed (Google Translate), based on information provided by sources of local operators, that the pre-sale of iPhones will start on the day September 14. The date makes a lot of sense if we analyze the history of Ma.

We recently informed you that, precisely based on this history of the last events, this year's event could be held on September 12, a Wednesday. Traditionally, Apple likes to have such an event on Tuesday, but as we are talking about 9/11, it is very likely that the company wants to avoid the date because of the historical events that marked the day. Thus, Wednesday emerges as a last option.

If this is indeed confirmed, the devices may arrive at stores on the Friday of the following week, on the 21st. Normally, pre-sales begin on the Friday of the previous week, which in this case would be, September 14 . It?s justified, isn?t it? Now we can only wait. ?

via MacRumors