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Panic announces the end of the development of Transmit for iOS

It has been only a few months since the developer Panic launched a huge update for Transmit, its famous FTP client for macOS.

While this shows that her focus on the Mac platform continues to be strong, today came a bad news for those who also used the Transmit on iOS: its development is ending.

Stream to iOS on an iPad

The app even won, in mid-November, an update brought compatibility with the iPhone X and bug fixes but it ended up there. Soon, it will be removed from the App Store.

The main reason, of course, is that the revenue Panic earned from it was not keeping up with development costs. In 2017, she says, the app earned $ 35,000, which represented ?a tiny fraction? of the company's total revenue, which would not pay even a part-time developer to run the app.

Those who bought and use the app can keep it installed normally, but obviously do not receive any more updates and, in the future, it may be that an iOS update breaks its operation. To those who bought it in the last 60 days, Panic asks them to get in touch so they can be compensated in some way.

Personally, I imagine that in fact the purpose of Transmit on an iPhone would be very limited and specific, but thinking of the iPad as a replacement for Macs / PCs, this news is really bad. hope that the scenario changes in the future and, who knows, Panic can resume its development. She also reiterates that the development of her other two iOS apps, Coda and Prompt, will not be affected.

Sorry, app not found.

via Six Colors