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Opinion: portability will be the key point of the “iPad mini”, not its price

Since the original iPad was launched in 2010, many have already spread rumors that a new version with a smaller screen would be announced. As the months went by, the story was "debunked" countless times, even by Steve Jobs. But during this year an explosion of rumors, leaks and prototypes brought up, once again, all the discussion about a possible product launch.

The focus of a smaller iPad should be to attract consumers looking for an even more portable device than the current version of the tablet. Students, who are always on the go devouring PDF books and handouts, would love to have an even smaller, lighter and thinner device. The ?iPad mini? becomes the perfect choice for those who want to carry hundreds of books, games and applications in their backpack if it is really advertised.

iPad mini

With the help of iBooks Author, Apple's interactive book creation platform, and iBooks that are likely to get a nice update during next week's special event, a smaller iPad can make a big splash among students.

Even those who already have an iPad may be attracted to lighter hardware. The current generation of Apple tablets is still heavy and somewhat uncomfortable for those who want to read for hours sitting on the couch or lying in bed.

As iOS is much more mature than any other system that runs on tablets, the main difference of a smaller iPad over its competitors will be the ecosystem that lies behind it, in addition to carrying all the quality that Apple puts in its products, of course .

Contrary to what many think, I do not believe that Ma is yielding to the calls of consumers who ?cry out? for an iPad with a smaller screen. In fact, I believe the company has found a good reason to create this variation: portability. Apple has already returned to its decisions / concepts for having found a strong reason for this. It was like that with the iPod video, with the iPhone and it can be like that with the iPad.

It doesn?t make the Cupertino giant?s style develop a product focused only on low prices, so if she really announces the ?iPad mini? during the event scheduled for October 23, we can be sure that it will have a great differential.

Do you, dear reader, believe that the ?iPad mini? has the potential to become yet another successful Apple product?