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LaCie updates its Little Big Disk line with SSDs; Western Digital launches 4TB and 8TB versions of the My Book line

LaCie's Little Big Disk line recently got a nice update. The external storage device now has two 2.5 ? SATA III SSDs, capable of reading at speeds up to 635MB / s 33% faster than the previous generation. It even has Thunderbolt ports, being able to transfer a 50GB file in less than two minutes. Is it good for you?

LaCie Liitle Big Disk

The Thunderbolt input also allows chaining up to six compatible devices, such as monitors and other peripherals. The new versions of Little Big Disk Thunderbolt (with SSD storage) come out, for $ 700 (512GB) and $ 1,000 (1TB), both include the cable. There is still a 264GB version, but this is only found at authorized dealers.

J Western Digital announced the expansion of the My Book line, which now has 4TB and 8TB models.

My Book Line (4TB and 8TB)

The My Book Thunderbolt Duo 8TB (HDD) also has a chain of up to six units, totaling 48TB of storage. My Essential Book 4TB (HDD) has a USB 3.0 connection, which allows speeds up to three times faster than those of 2.0 ports. It is even ready for Windows 8, the next version of the Microsoft system. While the busier model costs $ 850, the My Book 4TB costs $ 210 in the United States, of course.

(via 9to5Mac, Electronist)