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Instagram will allow Stories to be shared directly to WhatsApp

Usually, the constant news that the Instagram it is released practically every week they are seen with good eyes or, at least, people seem indifferent to them.

However, the feature Recommended for You (Recommended for You), which we already commented that was being tested in the past month, has not pleased many users, no.

On Instagram, I don?t want ?recommended posts? on my feed. I follow the accounts that I follow for a reason.

Why @instagram insists on showing me pictures of ?recommended? people on my feed? I don't care. I want to see pictures of people I really follow, and chronologically! Get out of here with these recommended pages.

Recommended Instagram posts

Unfortunately (at least for some), even with all the complaints, the feature is out of the testing phase and available to everyone. You can even temporarily "hide" recommended posts by going to "Recommended for You", touching the three dots next to it and choosing "Hide" yet, don't completely get rid of it.

Just as the public did not like the chronological order of the pages, they will also need to adapt to this new change.

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On the other hand, there is a new resource that can be used by several people, mainly by Brazilians.

As several users have pointed out, in addition to allowing you to publish a story directly to Facebook (a feature that has been available for a long time), it will now be possible to share your Stories from Instagram directly on Status from WhatsApp.

When you are about to send your story, see the two publishing options (both for Facebook and WhatsApp) and, when you choose the messenger, it will open in the app and have an Instagram image in the lower right corner:

Instagram WhatsApp stories

The peculiar part of this story that the first tests of the resource appeared here, in our little green and yellow land. But, if we analyze the facts, it makes a lot of sense since WhatsApp is a huge success here in Brazil, right?

So, did you like the news?

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via TechCrunch, Tecnoblog