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Huawei "triples" efforts in the laptop market

MateBook X Pro, MateBook 14 and MateBook 13: these are Huawei's three new portable computers, which in 2020 seem to bet on this area. The unveiling of the three models in the range took place this Monday, in an event in Barcelona where the Chinese manufacturer made known several technological products, despite the cancellation of this year's edition of the Mobile World Congress, which was due to start today.

In an interview with SAPO TEK in December 2019, Tiago Flores, responsible for the consumer area at Huawei, confirmed that MWC 2020 would be an important moment for announcing news in the PC segment. In question is the launch of the new MateBook X and MateBook, both with Intel processors, and the Matebook X Pro.

MateBook X Pro, a computer with a touch screen and a 3000×2000 resolution screen, promises low consumption. It has a 100% SRGB color palette and its processor is the latest generation of Intel. It also has the ability to share across the MateBook family, including multi-screen tasks. As for the values, they are also three different. The most expensive version (i7 + 16 GB + 1 TB SSD + MX250) reaches 1,999 euros, with the intermediate value to be established at 1,699 euros (i5 + 16 GB + 512GB SSD + MX250 ). If you choose the cheapest computer (i5 + 16 GB + 512 SSD) you will have to pay 1,499 euros.

At the event, the company also introduced the MateBook D15, a 15.6-inch notebook and the 14-inch D14 in two colors. There are also versions based on the AMD Ryzen 7 processor and the computers have a power button with biometric fingerprint sensors, with an independent chip for security. The brand also promises a camera built into the chassis itself, which can be shrunk when not used. The charger not only allows you to charge your computer, like a smartphone.