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How to manage the Health app data and use the iPhone's Bedtime feature

Introduced with iOS 8 and iOS 10, respectively, the app Sade (Health) and the resource Time to sleep these are just some of the various facilities that we have in the palm of our hands to record and track various interesting data about our health. All features are very easy to follow and many of them do not require third-party applications to be registered, thanks to the motion coprocessor present in the latest iPhones.

Despite the simplicity, it is likely that there will be someone who does not understand or even know these resources. We commented on the functioning of the Sade app at the time it was launched and, from then on, new features were implemented. Therefore, we are going to show you how to configure the Bedtime and manage the data obtained through the Sade app on iPhone or in Apple Watch.

Set up the Sade app and view Apple Watch data

The main changes since the first version of the Sade app are focused on design. In the bottom bar (app menu), the sections are divided into ?Today?, ?Health Data?, ?Sources? and ?Medical Record?.

To start the configuration, it is necessary to inform some personal data:

  1. Open the Sade app;
  2. Touch your photo or your profile icon and add the required information.

IOS Health Data

As we said, the iPhone is able to record some activity data natively, such as your steps and the distances of your walks / runs. However, it is possible to add data recorded by third-party apps, such as the ?Seven 7 Minute Workout?, which requires the user's permission to record the calories burned and synchronize the workouts. Apple recommends some applications in each of the categories on the ?Health Data? tab.

To view them:

  1. Open the Sade app and tap on the ?Health Data? tab;
  2. Tap on one of the categories ("Activity", "Ateno Plena", "Nutrio" or "Sono");
  3. Download the recommended app (s) and configure it (s).

Then, it is necessary to adjust so that these apps record their data in the Sade app so that you can monitor them:

  1. Open the Sade app and tap on the ?Sources? tab;

    Sade app fonts

  2. Select the app you want to include in the logs if you don't see it, it may not be compatible with the Sade app;
  3. Activate the categories you want to monitor.

If you have an Apple Watch, you can track your goals, heart rate data and other records on your iPhone through the Sade app. To view this information, open the Sade app and tap on the ?Health Data? tab:

  • To follow your goals ("Movement", "Exercise" and "Staying P"), touch the "Activity" category;
  • To keep track of ?Beats?, ?Beats Variability? and ?Blood Pressure?, touch the ?Heart? category.

If your iPhone or Apple Watch is not recording your steps or heart rate in the Sade app, choose the device in question, then go to Privacy Settings Movement and Physical Preparation and see if the option ?Monitor Fitness? is enabled.

How to enter data manually in the Sade app

It is also possible to inform data that is not registered natively by the iPhone / Apple Watch in the Sade app, such as the measurement of body temperature or blood pressure:

  1. Open the Sade app and tap on the ?Health Data? tab;
  2. Touch a category, such as "Vitals";
  3. Touch a type of data, such as ?Blood Pressure?;
  4. Touch the plus (+) button in the upper right corner of the screen and enter the date, time and measurement;
  5. Finally, tap "Add".

How to use the Bedtime feature

For those who think that Bedtime works more like a simple alarm than anything else, I invite you to try it again and, this time, pay attention to the information recorded by the iPhone when this feature is activated. Through it, it is possible to define the number of hours you want to sleep at night and monitor whether you are achieving this goal or not.

Here's how to set it up below:

  1. Open the Watch app and tap on the ?Bedtime? tab;
  2. Touch ?Get started? and answer questions about your routine and alarm preferences;
  3. Tap "Save".

From then on, you must maintain consistency when going to sleep and waking up to keep the ?Sleep History? bars aligned. Apple reports that Bedtime calculates hours spent in bed by analyzing your movement and use of the device.

Time to sleep on iOS 11

If you want to change any of the settings made during the setup initial, just tap on ?Opes? (in the upper left corner). To change the time to wake up and sleep, use the clock on the screen to select the best period ?In Bed?.

How to monitor the ?Sleep History?

It is possible to track your sleep data through the Watch app itself or else at Health. If you use the iPhone when you should be sleeping, you will not receive credit for that period; or, if you postpone the ?Wake Up? alarm, the time you stay in bed will be updated to match.

  • Clock: tap on the ?Bedtime? tab and see the latest data history in the ?Sleep Analysis? category.
  • Sade: Touch the ?Health Data? tab and then select ?Sleep Analysis?. To show all data, tap on ?All Data?.

Sleep Analysis on iOS 11

In addition to the functions offered natively, it is possible to add information and data from other ?Sleep Analysis? apps such as the Sleep Cycle app, which analyzes the movement in bed and data from the ?sleep phases?.

This and other data from the Sade app are encrypted and automatically stored in iCloud. To stop storing them in the cloud, go to Settings (your name) iCloud and disable the Sade option.

In addition to the resources explained in this tutorial, the ?Medical Record? is another feature of the Sade app that is very worth filling out for emergencies. Learn how to edit and save your ?Medical Record? information in this other tutorial.

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