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Groupon and McDonald’s start taking iPads to American restaurants

Since 2010, the year it was announced, the iPad has been used in several ways. Using the tablet's sensors and functions, developers and companies continually work to invent new ways to interact with it.

Although we already find iPads in several restaurants, including in Brazil, there is still much to be explored. An example is the new initiative by Groupon, a well known discount coupon site, called Breadcrumb.

Breadcromb is a service platform created especially for restaurants, bars and cafes, and is called by the company as ?the reinvention of points of sale?. Groupon's goal is to bring iPads equipped with a special application and accessories that allow payment with credit cards and invoice printing to all types of restaurants.


Robust, the application accepts personalized orders, presents complete reports and has several interesting functions for those who want to manage a restaurant. Support for multiple devices and users also allows waiters to use tablets to take customer orders or even close orders at the table.

Check out a demo video:

The best part of all this is that restaurant owners do not need to pay huge amounts to modernize their establishments, as they can start using the platform by paying from US $ 100 per month for the equipment (tablets, printers, etc.) not included . Visit the Breadcromb website for more information.

Recently, McDonald?s has also joined the iPad wave. A franchise restaurant, located in Virginia (United States), installed Apple gadgets on all of its tables. They can be used by consumers for free while they are on site.

Thus, the restaurant manages to attract even more customers, making their experience more pleasant.

(via GigaOM, CNET News)