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Galaxy S10 + with Android 11 is seen on Geekbench

Image: SamMobileImage: SamMobile

Last week, Google released the first beta of Android 11 for the Pixel 2, 3 and 4 line. Now, everything indicates that Samsung may have started testing the new mobile OS on its flagship 2019: the Galaxy S10 +.

This device, with model number "SM-G975F", was found in the database of Geekbench, a benchmark platform, running the new Android R, as known internally. The screenshot does not reveal details about the latest Google system, nor does it suggest when the final version will be made available.

However, if this appearance on the Geekbench is legitimate, we can note that Samsung was very quick to get the first version of Android 11 to test it on your smartphone. With that in mind, there is a possibility that the system will arrive in the last months of the year, as we saw in 2019 in the release of Android 10.

Possible Galaxy S10 + with Android 11 on Geekbench

As for smartphones compatible with Android 11, Samsung maintains the same strategy of ensuring two major software updates for most of its devices. Therefore, if your Galaxy was released with Android Pie, it should receive the next version at some point.

Anyway, it is worth remembering that we still cannot confirm the authenticity of this screenshot, since an entry in the Geekbench database can be falsified. Therefore, we will wait for more information to corroborate (or not) with all this.

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