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Find out if you are able to donate blood and what is the closest location with the + Blood app

Donate blood it is an exercise in citizenship that can save many lives. However, not everyone, unfortunately, can do this, due to some health factors.

If you have always had the desire to donate and you do not know if you are able to do so or have no idea about the collection points near you, the application + Blood help you.

App icon + Blood

Developed by the Brazilian Bruno Faganello, this application was considered by Apple as one of the best apps developed by Brazilian students. It allows you to register your profile, with photo and other information relevant to the process.

At the top left, the app shows you the ?Aptitude Test? option by tapping there, you can answer a series of questions related to your health and, at the end, the result appears, telling you whether you are fit or not to donate .

The application has a partnership with Fundao Pr-Sangue and, therefore, has access to all blood centers available in Brazil. Therefore, in the "Map" tab, it is possible to see which collection point is closest to you, as well as to see the location of everyone around the country.

If you want to make donating a regular habit and the lives saved are grateful, you can manually record when and where you donated. So, when you're ready again, the app will let you know. It is growing and will soon support blood levels in each blood center.

Download + Sangue for free on the App Store.