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Customers immobilize thieves who tried to rob Apple store

In the past few months, we have reported several cases of Apple store theft in the United States. The strategy used by thieves is always the same: hooded (to escape the security cameras), they enter the store as if they want nothing and, suddenly, they run out to get as many products as possible.

In one of these robberies, a customer even tried to stop the thieves from taking action, but was knocked down. Now, in the most recent case, customers have lost patience and attacked thieves, KRON4.

The episode took place at Apple The Oaks (in California). In fact, a few hours earlier (at 1 pm, at local time), Apple Northridge was stolen, the miscreants took about $ 10,000 worth of products. According to police, two hours later the same thieves tried to steal $ 18,000 worth of Apple products at The Oaks store. They just didn?t count on the cunning of some customers who decided to face them. The result? Two of the three robbers were duly immobilized, as we can see in the video below:

The third element managed to escape. Minutes later, however, the police stopped a car that was speeding in Simi Valley, and when searching the vehicle, several Apple products were found. In other words, the three elements were arrested, as well as the two that were immobilized by customers.

Still according to the police, such thefts are becoming routine in some cities in the USA precisely because of the ease that thieves have to take the products and escape. The stolen iPhones, iPads, Macs and other products would then be traded in parallel markets, it remains to be seen how, since Apple must render such stolen products useless in some way.

via Cult of Mac