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Customer attacks Apple reseller employee in Thailand

The customer service of some companies or stores can sometimes be frustrating for us, consumers, but never, Never can generate absolutely pitiful scenes like those seen recently in Bangkokin Thailand.

Kritpan Kitjit, 23, arrived at an Apple reseller / service center Studio 7 claiming that Face ID on your iPhone X didn't work. After a brief inspection, the employee Saijai Trinech, 30, said there didn't seem to be anything wrong with the device, but she could send it over for an inspection at Apple itself, which would take a few days; the immediate replacement of the device, which was Kitjit's will, was denied.

Then the cold came: the boy started screaming and tried to break into the store's warehouse to, according to himself, take a picture of the manager and send it to a consumer protection board. Trinech tried to stop him and, in the act, was hit with a strong punch in the face.

The terrible video above, which went viral on Facebook after posting, shows the whole event and the following moments, when Kitjit keeps shouting catchphrases like "Don't buy the iPhone X!" while other employees look after the battered girl.

The offender was then arrested by the police and forced to pay a fine of approximately R $ 6,600 assaulted employee, who did not press charges. He also issued a public apology (common punishment in Asian countries), stating that "I would like to apologize to society for the overreaction" and adding that the aggression occurred "in the heat of the moment".

What a horrible thing, you see.

via Cult of Mac