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Criticized, EPEAT responds and explains its classification method

Logo / cone - EPEATAfter iFixit and Greenpeace criticized the rating Gold of the MacBook Pro with Retina display and the MacBook Air given by EPEAT, the group responsible for environmental classification wrote a response article on its blog.

They informed that they follow only the standards established by a group formed by defenders of the environment, buyers, manufacturers, government agencies, researchers, recyclers, among others. EPEAT's job is to strictly follow these standards to classify the devices sent for analysis.

The group also made it clear that its standards are constantly changing and presenting new goals for companies to achieve. In this way, those interested in the classification work hard together with the group to adapt their products to the new ?green? standards.

It took a year for a product to meet the classification requirements Gold after a new record was released, because it was extremely challenging to do that.

By expanding its rating to imaging equipment and televisions, EPEAT hopes to make these products less harmful to the environment. Because of the process of creating standards for these devices, the group has not yet revised the guidelines for PCs / monitors, but hopes to do so soon.

(via MacRumors)