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COMPLAINT! Was Facebook encouraging BANGS?

DENANCE! Was Facebook encouraging BANGS?

Facebook has strict advertising policies, however, lately I have seen some ads that have left me very puzzled. By posing as other stores, as seen in the image above, scammers are creating offer campaigns that you would never see in a traditional retail chain.

All this to steal your data and use it in future scams. See how it works.

The fake ad

The fake adThe fake ad

See how much inconsistency in this ad. The advertisement shows the Americanas logo, and the link shows the NOVOMUNDO.COM.BR store, would the Novo Mundo store be able to advertise with the Americanas logo, or vice versa?

Well, if that weren't enough, when we click, we're directed to the link ( In the consultation by the owners of this domain, we did not find the contacts. (photo below)

Result of the information from the domainResult of the information from the domain

Quite suspicious and typical of a coup.

The fake website

Remember I said that the site was NOVOMUNDO.COM.BR? How do we enter the link and show an identical page to the website?

Fake websiteFake website

Another indication of the coup. website and the domain at

The blow

I went ahead to try to make the purchase, pressed the buy button, directed me to the shopping cart, exactly the same as I continued to finalize the purchase and was faced with the login screen.

False login screenFalse login screen

I put as login: and as password, teste123. There is certainly no such combination on the official American website. But amazingly, the login passed, and worse, asking me to update the registration data, including cell phone number and CPF.

False data theft screenFalse data theft screen

Did you understand how the scam works? They do an absurd promotion, they trick you with a fake website for you to fill in update data, with your data, scammers can even apply for a loan on your behalf. This scam is called Phishing Scam, here are 10 tips for not falling into Phishing Scam.

So, be very careful with these promotions that have no less meaning in prices.

Where does Facebook go wrong in history?

With sponsored ad. Increasing the range of this type of blow. We are certain that the press office of the social network will send an official opinion on the situation and begin to improve the criteria for its advertisements here in Brazil.

At l, read ever, check the datatry a wrong password first before complete login, if you pass with absurd password, a strong indication of coup.

Read our digital security tips and always be careful when shopping online.

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