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Can the camera design of the new iPad Pro be similar to that of the iPhone 11 Pro? New leak says yes

Rumors that Apple will launch a new version of the iPad Pro remain on the table, even after news about the possible impact that the Coronavirus could have on the launch. This Wednesday news about the appearance of the model appeared, with Ben Geskin, known for revealing secrets of the great technologics, to divulge images of an iPad Pro cover, in a model similar to the iPhone 11 Pro, at least as far as the camera is concerned.

It is expected that the new version of the iPad Pro will incorporate a triple camera, and that one of them will be a 3D-depth time-of-flight sensor, similar to the front camera with TrueDepth technology, which through infrared light creates a 3D representation of the face for the Face ID. However, in this case the sensor would be on the back of the iPad.

Still, and with the Coranavrus outbreak having an increasing impact on the technology market, the launch of the iPad Pro for the first half of the year may be postponed. The major reliance on China's factories on Apple's production line is the main reason.

However, the appearance of the new model may already be known thanks to this leak by Ben Geskin, who in early February released a video of the Galaxy Z-Flip, a week before it was introduced. As in this case, there were no news about the technical specifications of Samsung's second foldable smartphone, but the leak confirmed the model's final appearance. Now restoring to know if the images of the iPad Pro cover will also correspond to reality.