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Belkin launches WeMo Baby, baby monitor compatible with iGadgets

Having a child is quite a responsibility, especially while he needs his parents for almost everything. O WeMo Babyis from Belkin, a device that helps parents on this crazy journey of having a child.

WeMo Baby

The electronic babys connect to Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G network to send to your iGadget a clean and clear sound from your environment. Using the free app, up to six users can hear what the WeMo Baby microphone is capturing.

A plan premium da Evoz notifies attentive parents when the baby cries via text message or email, as well as arranging the crying history, in addition to analyzing the baby's crying and sleep patterns.

WeMo Baby costs $ 90 on the Belkin website, but will only be available from the beginning of November. Evoz's premium plan costs $ 10 / month or $ 60 / year.

(via iLounge)