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Application for macOS Aquarelo allows you to view colors in several different formats

Whether you are a designer, a developer or someone who simply wants to personalize your website, colors can be something that gives you headaches. Each color has a code and, depending on the format that is required, it can be different for the same color, which can cause quite a complication.

To help you with the task and facilitate this whole process, I present you the macOS application Watercolors.

Watercolors app icon

The application is quite simple and useful. To search for a color, you have three ways: you can type the name of the color in English in the left space of the app and it will recognize it; you can type the RGB / HEX code of the color you want in the same space; or simply drag the color to the app and the recognition is done.

By right clicking on a color, you can see its individual details, with its different codes in each format. In addition, the app allows you to easily send colors to applications such as Photoshop, both for foreground how much for background.

If you want to see a range of colors, just type the name / code in the space on the left and, on the right, type another name / code and then see the result so you can save your palette. Exporting individual colors or palettes is also very easy and you can choose from a variety of formats that go through Android ARGB, CSS HEX, Java RGB, Swift UIColor RGB, among many others.

Anyone who has a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar can also enjoy the application even more, since it supports a contextual menu that can speed up your work even more.

Aquarelo is available for R $ 32.90 on the Mac App Store or directly on the website. If you want to test the app first before purchasing it, you can download the trial version here (ZIP).

via MacStories