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Apple to do series on climate change; “Project Florida” actress will play Hilde Lysiak

News about Apple's original productions has not stopped arriving recently, two more big news have been announced to make the prospect of ?Apple Studios? even more attractive. Want to see?

"Losing Earth"

As the New York Times, Apple purchased the rights to produce a series based on the special ?Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change? (?Losing the Earth: The Age We Almost Stop Climate Change?), published by the newspaper itself at the beginning of the month in an issue of its magazine Times Magazine.

Losing Earth, New York Times report that becomes Apple seriesPhotograph: George Steinmetz

Nathaniel Rich's extremely in-depth report (which can be read here) tells, in literary terms, the journey between 1979 and 1989 of a group of scientists, activists and politicians from the United States determined to spread a warning about climate change around the world and find a way to stop them before it was too late. The main argument of the special is that humanity came very close to finding a solution to global warming before its worsening, but the idea did not go ahead due to political forces from different countries and large companies.

"Losing Earth" it received enthusiastic praise from the journalistic community, environmentalists and critics around the world and will become a book, also written by Rich. The Apple series, for its part, still does not have details disclosed, we do not know, for example, if the work has a documentary profile or dramatize the events told in the report.

What is known is that Ma's new project will be produced by Anonymous Content, with Steve Golin (CEO of the production company) and Rich himself acting as executive producers. O NY Times it also brought confirmation that Apple will start showing its original series next year without specifying, however, whether that particular production will be in the first wave of premieres (probably not).

Brooklynn Prince

Today's second news will put a smile on the face of anyone who has seen the wonderful film ?Projeto Flrida?: its star, the child actress Brooklynn Prince, was announced as the protagonist of the Apple series about the child journalist Hilde Lysiak, as informed by deadline.

Brooklynn PrinceBrooklynn receiving the award for best young actress at the last Critics' Choice Awards

Eight-year-old Prince (and a born actress, judging by his ravishing performance in Sean Baker's film), will live the intrepid Lysiak in adapting the real story in which the little nine-year-old journalist exposed, before all traditional vehicles, a murder case in the city where she lived, in 2016 an episode that turned her into a national celebrity and made her the youngest member of the Society of Professional Journalists in the USA.

The Apple series, as we have already commented, will be created and produced by Dana Fox ("Ben and Kate") and Dara Resnik ("Castle"). There is still no release date for the production, but at least on my part the animation is great.

via MacRumors, 9to5Mac