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Apple Store in Amsterdam evacuated after iPad battery exploded [atualizado]

Apple Amsterdam (in the Netherlands), located at Leidseplein square, was quickly evacuated yesterday (8/19) after an iPad battery overheating and exploding, as disclosed by iCulture. According to the Dutch website, a possibly toxic substance was released into the air, forcing everyone to leave the environment.

At 2:20 pm (local time), the Amsterdam fire department posted on Twitter that relief teams were already on the scene. The firefighters stated that there was no smoke in the store, but that three people left with respiratory problems and were treated by rescuers; no one was seriously injured.

Firefighters at Apple Leidseplein

A spokeswoman for the fire department told Dutch media that the accident occurred due to a ?possible battery leak?. After the explosion, Apple Store employees immediately placed the iPad in a container with sand, and then the store was evacuated as a precaution, according to the report.

As we said, fortunately, no one was seriously injured and the store had no significant damage, which allowed employees and customers to return to the site just under an hour after the accident was recorded.

Evacuation of Apple Leidseplein

This is not the first time an Apple store has been evacuated after some device overheats. Last January, the Apple Bahnhofstrasse, in Zurich (Switzerland), was also emptied after the battery of an iPhone 6s Plus warmed up, but in this case, smoke was even registered on the spot.

via 9to5Mac

Update by Bruno Santana 8/20/2018 s 18:50

Apple has commented on the incident by sending the following statement to MacRumors:

We are currently investigating the incident that occurred at Apple Amsterdam on Sunday. Our team evacuated consumers quickly, safely, and the store reopened shortly thereafter.

The company confirmed that no one, among employees and customers, was injured or needed medical attention. Firefighters and ambulances were called just in case. Both the store and the defective iPad were declared safe by experts shortly afterwards.

According to an investigation of the same MacRumors, the iPad that caused the incident was not on display, but on a shelf at the back of the store waiting to be repaired by Genius Bar technicians. Upon realizing that the device was leaking the battery, employees took standard measures to evacuate the store.

Glad that, in the end, nothing more serious happened.