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Apple Kyoto opens on Shijō Dori Street

As predicted, Apple opened this morning (at the local time) its ninth physical store in Japan but the first in the city of Kyoto, the 7th largest country with 1.5 million inhabitants.

Interestingly, it is worth remembering, Japan was the first country that received an Apple Retail Store outside the United States, still in 2003. The first store opened there was Apple Ginza, in Tokyo; According to Ma, in the coming years several new ones should be opened and many of the current ones should be remodeled.

THE Apple kyoto stay on the street Shij Dori, one of the most famous and busy in the city, and the main point of trade since 1600.

Apple kyoto

For this inauguration, Apple has always distributed special shirts, in addition to pins (pins) and stickers. The line of people wanting to meet her at first hand spanned an incredible ten (!) Blocks.

"Apple "Apple

To define the architecture of this new store, Apple was inspired by local designs and materials. The facade of the upper floors, for example, uses a translucent cover inspired by Japanese lanterns. According to Apple, the use of a light wooden frame and special paper also make reference to the most traditional houses in Japan.

Apple kyoto

The center of the store has a trio of high ceilings, where the program sessions will be held Today at Apple (photography, music, programming, etc.). The new store also has, of course, the traditional support areas (Genius Grove) and product sales (The Avenue).

Apple Kyoto will be open every day, from 10 am to 9 pm. It has more than 100 employees who speak 12 different languages.