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Apple clarifies that iCloud data migration email to China was sent wrongly to some users

This week, Apple announced the start of iCloud data migration from Chinese US users to China. Shortly afterwards, some users reported that even though they were using foreign accounts and their iPhone was set up for another region, outside of China, they were having their accounts migrated to the country in the same way.

In practice, this would mean that if someone were simply visiting the country, their account would be migrated to local servers. Such servers are managed by the Chinese company Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry (GCBD), in order to satisfy the country's cybersecurity laws and what opens the door to a lot of controversies and speculation.

Yesterday, the TechCrunch informed that it is not so. The email (confirming the data migration) received by users with Apple IDs set out of China it was a mistake.

Email about iCloud servers sent by mistake to users outside China

The proof is in the email above, sent by Apple to these people informing them that it is an accident, reiterating that only users with their Chinese Apple IDs will have their data migrated to the country servers administered by GCBD. Here is the translation of the message:

You recently received an email from us notifying you of a change to iCloud services in China. This email was sent in error. No changes were made to your iCloud account.

We are sorry that you received this email. This email was only intended for customers whose Apple ID country is China. A very small number of our customers whose country in the Apple ID is not China also received this email by mistake.

Apple confirmed to the TechCrunch it?s a green email, but I didn?t want to give more details.