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Apple can get rid of millionaire fine

This week, the Court of Appeal for the United States Federal Circuit took a step towards a verdict on the (one more) patent infringement case filed by the company Core Wireless Licensing Against the Apple, stating that Ma has not infringed either of the two patents involved in this case that has been going on since 2011, as disclosed by Law360.

Initially, Core Wireless, a company that owns more than 2,000 patents related to wireless technologies, denounced Apple for infringing eight patents on the iPhone and iPad. Such records are even originating from the Nokia and all linked to cell, GPS, and other functions.

It was then that the imbroglio began; almost five years later, the jury found that Apple infringed two of the total patents and that the Cupertino giant should pay a $ 7.3 million fine in royalties. However, Ma appealed the decision and the case extended even further, until last Thursday the U.S. Court of Appeal decided to reopen the case, overturning the jury's decision in 2016.

The court did not contradict the jury's decision that Apple infringed Core Wireless patents, but asked the Court of First Instance to reconsider its applicability, giving the go-ahead for Apple to completely overturn the two-year verdict. This is not (yet) the end of yet another lawsuit faced by Ma, yet it is definitely a point that alters the path and, probably, the final decision of this legal battle.

via Apple World Today