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App Store revenue in 2017 was almost twice that of Google Play

Apple is constantly bragging about the numbers achieved in the App Store and not least: she announced last week that just on the first day of this year, her app store managed to earn $ 300 million. If that number was so big in a single day, how successful was the store in the 12-month period?

This the company has not yet disclosed, but the firm Sensor Tower analyzed 2017 data from both the App Store and the Google Play and concluded that the Apple store got a recipe almost twice as big than apps on Android devices.

Gross app revenue (App Store and Google Play) in 2017Gross app revenue (App Store and Google Play) in 2017

The survey showed that the performance of the two app stores (app purchases, subscriptions and in-house purchases) was really impressive in the past year; basically, the total collected in the two reached $ 58.6 billion, 35% more than in 2016, when the figure reached US $ 43.5 billion.

Unraveling the number of 2017, however, we have that the App Store represents $ 38.6 billion (year-on-year growth of 34.7%), while Google Play had US $ 20.1 billion (year-on-year growth of 34.2%). The numbers seem quite distant, but it is important to remember that, unlike the Apple store, Google's is not available in China.

Looking specifically at the games in the two stores, revenue reached $ 48.3 billion, with $ 30 billion on the App Store and the other $ 18 billion on Google Play. The increase was 30% in total and for each store.

Gross revenue from games (App Store and Google Play) in 2017Gross revenue from games (App Store and Google Play) in 2017

Things change when we focus only on the number of downloads from the two stores: together, they managed to reach 91.5 billion installed apps (for the first time). this is where the Google store shines: while the App Store represents 28 billion of that large number, Google Play has taken the other 64 billion.

The same thing happens with game downloads: the Google store reached 27.2 billion, while Ma ate dust with 8.3 billion.

App downloads (App Store and Google Play) in 2017App downloads (App Store and Google Play) in 2017

Certainly, Apple is benefiting from its presence in China and other emerging markets, such as India. And, even if Brazil does not represent a very large number in the comparison of global purchases, now that the App Store is available to us in reais, will this contribute to the increase of its revenue this year? Let's keep following.

via TechCrunch