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Accessory Dock + is the perfect solution to recharge your iPhone 5

The future of iPhone 5 accessories is still somewhat uncertain, as an authentication chip found in the Lightning cable has raised suspicions about greater control by Apple for accessories compatible with the new standard. Even so, some are already developing theirs.

Dock + for iPhone 5

O Dock + promises to be one of the first compatible with the new smartphone from Apple. Created by David Wurtz, the accessory consists of just a steel monobloc, a Lightning connector and a rubber pad, which prevents your iPhone 5 from scratching.

Built with precise machines and designed by experienced people, the accessory must please those looking for a durable and quality product. To use it, you don't even need to connect your Lightning cable, as it connects to the iPhone via a Micro-USB cable included in the box.

Check out the promotional video of the product:

You can purchase a Dock + by investing at least US $ 60 (plus possible shipping and import costs) in the project, through its Kickstarter page. The expected date for shipping the product is December 2012, if Apple approves it within the estimated time.