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80% of women's pants pockets are too small for an iPhone, says study

If you are a man and are wearing pants (as I hope you are), I invite you to do a simple exercise: take your iPhone (or whatever your smartphone is) and put it in your pocket. Basic and without difficulties, right? Well know that this clearance is not shared by all or better, all.

I do not speak on behalf of women, but I believe that they address a serious issue when they complain about pockets in women's pants. Now, if we are talking about one of the greatest instruments of democratization of fashion in the last century, as jeans were, it is only fair that everyone receives the same utility from this ubiquitous piece of clothing, right? Okay, but not the case and a study has just proved by A + B that the problem is far more serious than we can imagine.

O The Pudding published a survey comparing pocket sizes on 20 of the most popular male and female jeans models in the United States, and determining which compartments were large enough to hold basic objects in American society including the iPhone X. The telling result: while * all * male pockets are sized to fit Apple's most expensive smartphone, only 40% of female pockets have similar capacity.

Comparison between male and female pockets with an iPhone X

The problem becomes even more dramatic when we consider more advanced devices: the Samsung Galaxy S9 + only fit in 20% of the female pockets (and 95% of the male pockets); Google Pixel XL entered only 5% of the compartments of the female parts (and 85% of the male parts). And look, we are not even talking here about the dreaded fake pockets, which do not fit, well, absolutely nothing but frustration and outrage.

Before anyone notices that, in general, women have smaller bodies than men, it is good to make it clear that the research took into account pieces designed for the same waist size, for both men and women (32 inches, or 82 centimeters), that is, they are jeans made for people with more or less similar sizes.

It is also worth noting that we are talking about front pockets here, the difference in the size of the female and male rear pockets is also not negligible, although it is smaller than in the front. Anyway, everyone knows that it is not a good idea to carry your cell phone in your back pocket (iPhones no longer bend as they used to, but the weight of your rear is still an increasingly relentless force for the delicate electronics contained therein); that most women have adopted the custom of carrying their devices in their back pockets in recent years is just another indication that the problem is real and needs to be addressed immediately.

It is therefore time to address the issues that need to be addressed. The real reasons for this inequality scholarship are just a mystery: to stimulate the stock market industry? Perpetuating a female dependency on men by forcing them to resort to their pockets? Nobody knows, but time for this emancipation. Women of the world, unite!

thanks Jlia Fraga for the collaboration!