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↪ Rumor: display production is delaying the arrival of 13 ″ MacBooks Pro with Retina display, “iPad mini” and iMacs

Dispatches of new 13-inch Apple MacBooks Pro products with Retina display, 7.85-inch iPads and iMacs have been delayed from September to October, and with the holiday season approaching, the supply chain is aggressively gearing up for large orders in October and November, according to supply chain sources.

The delay would have been caused by poor yields in the production of Retina displays, according to the sources.

That some products (like iMacs) were supposed to arrive, that's true for 527 days without an update! But, according to rumors, the ?iPad mini? will have a 1024 × 768 pixel screen (same resolution as the iPad 2). Is Apple having trouble producing it? I find it difficult, considering the experience in this area. Same thing for the 13 ? model of the MacBook Pro: probably the 15 ? model is much more difficult to produce, and it is, with its stock regularized. (DigiTimes)

(via AppleInsider)