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↪ iPod touch thickness is responsible for the lack of ambient light sensor

Lack of automatic brightness adjustment on iPod touch 5th generationAutomatic brightness adjustment on iPhone 4S

Brightness adjustment on the iPod touch (5th generation) on the left and on the iPhone 4S on the right.

Ol Raghid,

Thank you for purchasing the new iPod touch. It is an extraordinary device. The fifth generation of iPod touch does not have an automatic ambient light sensor (it is just too thin!).


The above email was a response from Phil Schiller (Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing) to Raghid Harake about the lack of a ambient light sensor in the new iPod touch If you don't know, the fifth generation device measures 123.4 × 58 , 6 × 6.1mm and weighs 88g. It remains to be seen whether the ?exchange? (thickness vs. lack of resources) is valid. What do you think? (iDownloadBlog)