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ZENS wireless chargers challenge the AirPower with ultra-thin design

Look at how things are: when Apple introduced the world to AirPowerAlmost a year ago, the idea of ??a wireless charger for multiple devices was almost an indication that there were already a few options on the market, but all of them were very dubious and of dubious origin.

In the past 11 months that Ma has remained silent about the product, however, the scenario has changed: several manufacturers, including some renowned ones, presented and launched AirPower competitors before he even saw the light of day. Now, the ZENS is showing what is probably the most formidable alternative to Apple's (future) accessory.

The three chargers wireless of the manufacturer, presented in Berlin as a preview of the electronics fair IFA (starting this Friday, 8/31), they have in common an ultra-thin aluminum design and the ability to recharge devices at their maximum rates, the fast charging of iPhones, for example, is guaranteed.

Wireless chargers for multiple ZENS devices

There are only three models: Single Aluminum Wireless Charger (50), which charges only one device at 10W, the Dual Aluminum Wireless Charger (80), which charges two devices at a total rate of 20W and the actual AirPower competitor Dual + Watch Aluminum Wireless Charger (100), similar to the previous one but with a rod that supports a special charger for the Apple Watch. This model also features a total charge rate of 20W.

It is good to note that, however elegant the creations of ZENS may be, they do not bring one of the main differentials of the AirPower precisely the possibility of positioning your devices anywhere on the charging surface so that charging begins. Here, as with all other wireless multiple charging bases, there is a specific place to place gadgets which can be a bit inconvenient, for example, to rest your iPhone in the dark before bed.

Still, the accessories probably have a lower value than what Apple should order for its official charger, and the fact that they are very well built also does not hinder anything. They will reach the European and American markets on the next 15th. Did you like it?

via MacRumors