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Without Google apps, Mate XS is Huawei's new foldable phone

Mate XS will cost ? 2,500

Mate XS will cost ? 2,500

The Chinese Huawei announced on Monday morning, 24, his new smartphone foldable screen. Called Mate XS, the device quite similar to the model launched by the company in 2019, the Mate X. Expected to reach the global market in March, for 2.5 thousand, the phone has a better processor, 8-inch screen when opened and 6.6 inches when closed.

Announced in a broadcast made from London, the phone has design and specifications very similar to the predecessor the camera is the same and the processor has improved slightly, moving from the Kirin 980 to the Kirin 990. The device also features a 5G modem and 4,500 mAh battery, like the Mate X. The device's own name as "S" shows the few innovations following the line of what Apple usually does with its iPhones.

The main difference is in the construction of the screen, which is now composed of four layers: two of polyamide film, together with an adhesive, in addition to the flexible OLED screen and a polymer layer. Contrary to what was seen on the Galaxy Z Flip, what we have here is a cell phone with an all-plastic screen, something that has worried analysts.

The biggest problem with Mate XS, however, is that the device cannot use Google apps, such as Maps, Gmail or even the Play Store app store, due to the sanctions imposed by the US Huawei.

Donald Trump's government accuses the Chinese, which also makes telecommunications equipment, of practicing pre-Beijing espionage and threatening its national security. which limited the market power of Mate X, announced only in China. Now, however, Huawei says the cell phone will reach "global markets", using an open access version of Android.