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Unibanco bets on new financial solutions that want to be more “digitally human”

Unibanco has been transporting customers to the virtual environment for some time and, recently, started to offer the possibility of subscribing to a payment card through its website or through its Homebanking application, eliminating the need to resort to paper.

For Marlia Arajo, director of Unibanco, the launch of the financial solution is another step on a path that the Unicre brand has been following since the beginning. Since our genesis, we work remotely with the client: without balconies, by post, by voice and even by digital, he told SAPO TEK. The official stated that the objective behind the new process will continue to guarantee the remote proximity that Unibanco has with its customers, making their financial life even more uncomplicated.

We are not just digital: we want to be digitally human, said Marlia Arajo. The director explained that this is an essential aspect for Unibanco, since the combination of multiple channels is a differentiating element in a universe where there are various offers. The digital path is important for us, because it helps us create solutions that are simpler, immediate and convenient for customers. But we want to continue to serve you through other channels. The combination of realities allows us to create more proximity, stressed the responsible.

The security of the card adhesion process is another important aspect, especially since it requires a confirmation of identity through a photograph taken directly through the device where the order is being placed. It is recalled that an investigation by Kaspersky revealed that there are several phishing scams that can take advantage of this process to deceive users and sell their data in black markets online.

According to Marlia Arajo, Unibanco works with cybersecurity specialists in the area of ??digital identification and contracting to ensure that customer data does not fall into the wrong hands and that the security standards that are required in these types of solutions are met.

Although it has no doubt that there are customers who prefer either the virtual medium or the physical one, Unibanco believes that what really matters to the customer is the matter of convenience. Although the contracting of payment cards through traditional means is still quite prevalent, Unicre's brand believes that joining a new digital financial solution will reach 60% by 2020.

As for the future, Marlia Arajo revealed that Unibanco has been planning a very extensive roadmap. After the first step in the digital contracting of payment cards, Unibanco wants to invest in credit and insurance solutions through this route. Still for 2020, she hopes to further enhance her homebanking application, making it increasingly a point of contact with customers, said the official.

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