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Twitter wants to correct politicians who share false information

Twitter is testing a way to flag tweets that report false information. The company wants to be more proactive when it comes to monitoring misinformation and plans to use warning symbols to catch the attention of users who encounter misleading messages, particularly from politicians and other meditative figures.

For this purpose, the social network is designing red and orange badges to mark tweets that are considered "harmfully fallacious", and, identification, a correction phase must follow, in which the technology will advance information that goes against the claims made in the tweet in question.

In the example below, which highlights the similarities between HIV and the coronavirus, a Twitter fix indicates that many viruses share characteristics with HIV; and that there is no evidence to conclude that the coronavirus was created by man in laboratory tests.

Twitter says that this is only one possible measure against the disinformation campaigns that are propagated on that platform, which indicates that there are others prepared. The company plans to implement a new policy against the dissemination of false information as early as March 5. Remember that also on this day that the sharing of deepfakes on the social network takes effect.

Another idea that is on the table is a points system, where users would be rewarded whenever they help the social network to identify problematic tweets.

Note that Twitter has been working on such tools since 2017. The 2020 presidential elections will be one of the first tests of the social network's "defense" ability.