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Tim Cook says users will be able to disable performance reduction in a future iOS update, surprisingly

Today was a hot day for Apple.

While announcing major investments in the United States for the next five years, Apple has officially expanded its data center in Reno (Nevada) and Tim Cook was personally there.

THE ABC News had the opportunity to chat with the CEO:

Journalist Rebecca Jarvis soon took the opportunity to draw some statement from Cook about the polemics of worn out batteries on iPhones, and the executive ended up talking more than we would normally expect on such an occasion.

First, he reiterated Apple's public apology and said that the company's primary concern always with the user, and that the iPhones' own performance reduction is a result of this as it is much better to lose a little performance than the power off / restart. unexpectedly during a call, when writing an email or even while you are taking pictures.

And what?s the part that I, personally, would bet all my chips that wouldn?t happen: Cook stated that, next month, the first beta for developers of the promised new version of iOS will come out with extra information about the battery?s health. iPhone and that, if the user wants to, disable performance reduction. Uia!

As this first beta was only promised for February, it is possible that we have from a few weeks of testing before the update actually reaches the hands of all users. In other words, I wouldn't expect this before March or maybe until April.

Investments and Rhine

But back to today's news, an extra piece of information cited by Cook in the interview is that the new campus announced earlier today by Apple will not be in either of the two American states where it already has campuses that is, in a state other than California and Texas. The exact location, however, will not be revealed until later in the year.

As for the Reno data center, originally announced in 2012, Apple has invested $ 1 billion in its expansion (totaling $ 2.6 billion since the beginning) including solar plants to keep its operation 100% on renewable energy.

O Reno Gazette Journal published a photo slideshow of the site:

Apple expects to complete the data center expansion works by 2019.

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