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SURPRISE: Google cell phone may arrive this year in Brazil

Pixel 4, the Google phone that was launched last year, may arrive in Brazil later this year

O Pixel, also known as google cell, a line composed of smartphones that attract attention in several aspects, either for their cutting-edge specifications or even for the advantages they have in relation to the company's operating system. Unfortunately, so far no model of the Pixel sold here in Brazil, so Brazilians who really want a cell phone from Google they need to matter, but that is about to change.

Apparently, the company is already planning to bring one of the Pixel models to c, more precisely the Pixel 4.

Google mobile in Brazil

For now nothing confirmed but it is already known that the Google is even trying hard to bring the fourth member of the family Pixel officially to Brazil. For this, the company will have to face some challenges along the way, mainly in relation to the bureaucracy of the launch in the country. Brazil is known for having high tax loads, and this ends up being a major obstacle in itself.

Still, if a company the size of Google really wants to bring their device, the chances of it working out can be high. So far, all you can do is wait for more news about this news and maybe a confirmation that the long awaited Google cell phone actually arrives here.

Getting to know Pixel 4 a little more

Pixel 4 the top-of-the-line Google cell phone model that can reach Brazil

O Pixel 4 had its official launch in October last year, in 2019. It is a top-of-the-line model that arrived to compete with big names in the market. Your processor Snapdragon 855, it comes with 6GB RAM memory and 128GB internal storage. The 5.7 inch screen, Full HD +, OLED and with a refresh rate of 90Hz, is considered high.

In relation to the camera, the cell phone Google it has two at the rear, one 12.2MP with an angled lens and one 16MP with a telephoto lens. The 8MP camera is already on the front. As expected for a smartphone model of Google itself, it already comes with Android 10.

The 2.800mAh battery, which guarantees a whole day away from the plug, and for now it can only be found in Brazil from places that sell imported products, which ends up slightly increasing its real value. If the Google bring it to the country, its price may be different, but still below the tops of other brands like Samsung and Apple.

Source: Olhar Digital