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Special event: Phil Schiller also presents the new Mac mini and new iMacs

Continuing the event, Phil Schiller introduced the new Macs mini and joked with the audience, saying "you knew there would be something called? mini 'in this presentation, no! "

The Mac mini is the smallest and most affordable Mac today. The new machines feature the Intel Core i5 and i7 ?Ivy Bridge? processor, Intel HD Graphics 4000, among other features. In the United States, the entry model costs US $ 600 (Core i5 2.5GHz, 4GB RAM and 500GB HDD) and the ?Server? model costs US $ 1,000 (Core i7 quad-core 2.3GHz, 4GB of RAM and two 1TB HDDs). All new Macs mini will start to be sold today, also as friendly to the environment as the others, consuming only 11W.

Evolution of the iMac

But the highlight of the Mac line without a doubt was the new iMac. Schiller stated that it is the best-selling desktop in the USA. As we can see above, Phil remembered the first colorful G3 iMacs and compared them to current designs. There have already been seven different generations, always improving. Today, the octave was presented incredibly thin!

"It's absolutely amazing, the most beautiful Mac we've ever created," said Schiller. The corner is only 5mm thick, 80% thinner than the previous one. That's because there was an unnecessary space between the display and the screen, now removed. The lamination is done directly on the glass, making the set thinner and reducing reflections, as in MacBooks Pro.

The 21-inch model is 1920 × 1080 pixels, while the 27-inch model is 2560 × 1440 pixels, both with an IPS of 178 and a brightness of 300 nits. The set includes other reflection reduction technologies, 75% less than the previous generation. All displays are individually calibrated with modern technologies. In addition, they feature a FaceTime HD camera, dual microphones, stereo speakers, Wi-Fi 802.11n, Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, two Thunderbolt ports, three USB 3.0, headphone jack, Gigabit Ethernet and more.

It is important to note that Apple killed the optical drive (SuperDrive), just as it did with the Mac mini a while ago. Anyone who wants, of course, can buy a USB SuperDrive separately. Another novelty of the new generation is Fusion Drive, optional for all models from the second of the line, which is nothing more than the fusion of HDD with SSD. Users will have 128GB of flash memory and another HDD of 1TB or 3TB, functioning as a single volume, without special configuration. The operating system and applications are in the flash area of ??the drive, while the rest are in the HDD. The cool thing is that everything is done automatically ?It just works!? OS X knows what you need and where to store everything. It even puts little-used apps on the HDD.

Now, at prices: the 21.5 ? model with 2.7GHz, 8GB of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M and 1TB HDD leave for US $ 1,300 in the United States, with sales starting in November. The 27 ? J comes with 2.9GHz Core i5, 8GB, GeForce GTX 660M and 1TB HDD, priced at $ 1,700, but only arriving in December. All new iMacs are also very friendly to the environment, consuming 50% less energy than the previous one when in standby mode.