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Samsung will no longer supply LCD panels to Apple from 2013

Despite legal fights, Apple and Samsung are longtime partners. But in a report released today by The Korea Times, the South Korean says it will no longer provide LCD panels for the Cupertino giant.

Hands marked with Apple and Samsung logos

According to Samsung Display (a subsidiary of Samsung), it is no longer worth working with Apple due to the tight structure of its supply chain.

We were unable to supply our flat screens to Apple at huge discounts. Samsung has already cut a portion of the shipments to Apple and next year we will stop supplying these screens.

Although the Apple partnership represents a large part of the South Korean's revenue, companies like Amazon will ensure that it doesn't lose money with the end of the partnership.

It is worth remembering that Apple is also moving away from Samsung. With the A6 processor, present in iPhones 5, Ma has almost completely freed herself from Sammy, which now only manufactures the chips and is no longer involved in his project.

The link between the two companies is increasingly weak.

(via TNW)