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Ready to test your coordination? Quadracade challenges you to complete 4 retro games simultaneously

Have you ever imagined bringing classic arcade video games together in one mobile title? One of the latest games to come on the App Store manages to do the feat, but not at all: Quadracade challenges you to try to complete four retro games at the same time.

Created by Kieran Haden, the programmer behind Kikixel Studios, Quadracade is an authentic challenge to the coordination and attention of those who play it. In the game, the screen is divided into four panels, each with a retro-inspired mini-game chosen randomly by the system. The player will have to have lynx eyes and quick, quick fingers to reach the end of the challenge, as there are also time limits.

When starting Quadracade, the player only has access to a limited number of virtual cartridges, but as he progresses and earns points, he can unlock more than 30 mini-games. The user can find games that take inspiration from titles like Atari's Paperboy and Breakout, Nintendo's Punch-Out, as well as the classic Tetris and Space Invaders.

To make things a little easier for those who can't get the hang of playing four games at once at dizzying speeds, Quadracade offers the possibility to start in slow mode and even extra slow. In addition, several power-ups and boosts are appearing that could help you earn more points or an extra life.

The most curious can download the application for free from the App Store, for iOS, and the Play Store, for Android devices.

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