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Protect your files, contacts and passwords in a safe environment with the Brazilian app Safe Vault for iPhone

Even if your life is an open book (as I consider mine), there are always those things that you prefer to keep away from the public and / or unwanted people. This paradigm is even more complex in the digital world, when the rule that ?if it exists, it is available to the world? but, fortunately, there are ways to protect your most private files. Even on iOS.

The application Safe Vault, by Brazilian developer Felipe Tumonis, a truly elegant and resourceful option for this increasingly inglorious task. The iPhone app acts, as the name implies, as a digital safe where the user can store photos, videos, contacts, notes and credentials / passwords; the unlocking is done with a numeric password, a pattern, the Touch ID or the Face ID (this one for iPhone X owners, obviously).

Safe Vault app icon - Hide photos

In the free version, the app allows you to import only a limited number of files, but the PRO versions include unlimited addition of items and, even cooler, synchronization in the cloud, so you don't lose your files or even your phone is lost or stolen. There are three plans, 5GB, 20GB and 50GB, from R $ 7 monthly (with discount if you buy an annual plan).

The PRO version also provides ways to further protect your files: it is possible, for example, to choose an alternative, more discreet icon, so as not to attract the attention of anyone who may be using your phone. You can also set up an alternative password that opens a fake safe, with other files, in case you are forced to unlock the app against your will (I thought this part was great). There is also a ?whistleblower? mode: if an individual tries to unlock the app with the wrong password, that attempt will be registered and Safe Vault will take a picture of the attacker.

Safe Vault is available for free on the App Store. Due to its visual accuracy, well-crafted interface and very satisfactory operation, an option to be considered by those looking for such a solution.