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Netflix to launch news program

Netflix to launch journalistic program

Netflix, known worldwide for providing a large catalog of series, films, documentaries, among others, should broaden its horizons and start offering journalistic content to its subscribers. The news program must have its own content.

The idea of ??the streaming service is to create a program similar to the "60 Minutes" newspaper, which is aired on the CBS channel. The project still needs to be studied and see if it is financially viable, says a TV executive to the MarketWatch website.

Netflix should expand its catalog.Netflix should expand its catalog.

"Netflix is ??acting cautiously on this issue, because they are well aware that most of the new current affairs are not of interest to the general public and are expensive. They want to make their show financially viable, without compromising production costs and the news exchange operation. "

The program in question would be shown weekly and would focus on current issues, such as political debates, among others.

This month, Netflix announced a content sharing agreement with Sky in Europe. To top it off, the platform began to allow a feature similar to Instagram's Historias.

Did you approve of the Netflix idea? Will the new content be as successful as the rest?

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