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More government agencies and companies are switching BlackBerries for iPhones and Androids

After a large Australian supermarket chain switched BlackBerries to iPhones, more companies have begun to announce that they are giving up Canadian Research In Motion (RIM) phones.

RIM vs. Apple

AImmigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE or Imigrao e Alfndega) said Reuters intends to buy iPhones for its more than 17,600 employees, investing about US $ 2.1 million. After eight years using the RIM platform, the agency found that it is no longer able to meet its technological requirements.

IPhone services allow these individuals to take advantage of reliable and mobile technology on a secure and manageable platform that is in line with the agency's mission.

THE Bloomberg He also said that Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., which offers advisory services to the US government, left BlackBerry. The company, which has more than 25,000 employees, swaps RIM's cell phones for iPhones and Android-powered smartphones. Several other small government agencies have also announced that they will no longer use the Canadian devices.

Research In Motion has yet to present devices that can compete with the most advanced smartphones available on the market such as the iPhone 5 or GALAXY S III. Its next operating system, the BlackBerry 10, promises to be the driving force behind the Canadian market's recovery, which has seen the value of its shares (RIMM) plummet 95% in four years. However, it has already been postponed twice and will only arrive in 2013.

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